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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Pea By Any Other Name

Let's back up to when I brought Pea home last month.  Our first few days together were... interesting, to say the least.  Her presence in our home took some adjusting on everyone's part because I knew nothing about fairies and she knew nothing about living in a house with humans!  The fact that she could not appear to speak only complicated things --for instance, I had no idea what her name was-- but her inherent sweetness and lighthearted disposition made her a joy to be around.  I couldn't help but be taken with her.

During this time we had all kinds of amusing (and some not so amusing) adventures, but my main concern was simple: what did she eat?!  I could only assume she needed food since all living creatures need food of some sort, and I caught her munching on inedible things like a marble and a green marker.  I'm pretty sure I heard her tummy growl a couple of times as well.  But whenever I offered her food, Pea just looked at me quizzically.  After a few days of this, I was at my wits end and presented her with tiny pine cones and some rocks just in case fairies eat those things, but all she did was play with them.

On the fourth morning, it finally occurred to me that maybe I should just let her go outside and see if she could find something that appealed to her apparently very discerning palate.  I have a little vegetable garden and while I had offered her veggies from it already, maybe she knew something that I didn't.

So, out we went.  I carried her outside and set her down in the grass after making sure there weren't any cats or other predators lurking nearby.  When her feet touched the ground, she shrieked with joy and skipped around looking at things for a little while.  After a few minutes, I got her attention and pointed to the vegetables growing in containers.  She went from container to container, apparently looking for something.  When she got to the last one, her eyes scanned over the different veggies growing there, then went wide when she saw what she was apparently looking for: PEAS!  Two varieties even.  Before I knew it, she was clambering up one of the plants:


And attached herself to one of the pea pods:


I don't know who was more excited, her or me!  Finally, something she would eat!

After hugging the pea pod for a few seconds, she sank down into the crook of two stems with a contented sigh:

"Do you like to eat peas?" I asked excitedly.

She looked at me and nodded vigorously.  Relief washed over me.  Finally, something she would eat!  I wouldn't be responsible for the starvation of a fairy after all.  Then, to my surprise, she pointed to herself with one hand and to a nearby pea pod with the other:

"You like to eat peas, right?"

She nodded, and kept pointing.

"They're your favorite food?"

She giggled, and pointed more urgently, this time alternating between pointing at herself and the pea.

"You are a pea?"

She nodded triumphantly and burst into another fit of giggles:


Whaaaat?  I thought.  She is a pea?  That didn't make sense...

"Your NAME is Pea?"

The giggles transformed into a deep belly laugh, which was still pretty dainty since it came from a fairy.  How wonderful to finally know her name!  And what a fitting name for such a sweet, tiny little thing like her.

"Well, nice to finally learn your name, Pea!" I said as I reached out and shook her hand.

With that business taken care of, Pea scampered up the pea plant, pausing at each pea as she looked for just the right one.  She finally made her decision and chomped into one of the pea pods.  While she enjoyed her first meal in days, I picked a couple of peas to take inside for later:


Pea wasn't hungry again until that night.  I presented her with the peas I'd picked earlier and showed her how I shell them:

And I just had to find out:


Yep, Pea is indeed pea sized!

For the first couple of days after I found out what she likes to eat, she ate two whole pea pods a day, but her appetite has decreased to a more normal (or I think it's normal at least, how would I know?!) level and she eats one little pea each afternoon.  A pea a day for my tiny Pea.  I think we can manage that!


  1. Another wonderful story! I am enjoying your blog very much. Pea is so cute and your story line is irresistible!

  2. So how's it been going with Pea? Any new developments? She's so cute! I hope things are going well for you both!!

  3. Thanks Britta! I posted this on my blog but decided to post here to make sure you got it. :o)
    About clothes for the Effner dolls, I'd be happy to tell you. The dresses with the little knitted sweaters were all made by an ebay seamstress named Ursula. Her ebay ID is robert8602. I have four sets so far. The "storybook" dress was made by another ebay seamstress name Gwen. I can't find her ebay ID. I do have her email though. I haven't seen her sell anything on ebay lately.
    I'm sure you would adore one of these dolls. They are really special. I have my fingers crossed for you. :o)

  4. Hi again! You mentioned wanting a place to look at these dolls..well, here's Dianna's website link. Look under vinyl dolls. Dianna, Lana & Geri are all wonderful! There are a couple of others who are also painting Dianna's dolls that have been taught by her.

    This is a good place to start. If you want a custom doll, they are the same price. Dianna's dolls are a little more than the other's and will take longer to get, but they are worth it.
    Geri just added about 10 more to her section. Geri painted Brynna to my specifications and I also named her. Dianna is painting my other one and she will also be a custom.

    You can also look for them on Flickr to see a wide variety of these dolls and how different people have customized them. You will be amazed at the difference a wig can make. Lots of people change the wigs and some order their dolls and ask them not to glue the wigs.

    Have fun looking and if you have any questions I'll try my best to answer them or help you find the answers.


  5. Bama, thanks so much for the great info! The Little Darling dolls are so beautiful. Maybe I will have one someday, and if not, at least I can enjoy looking at yours!