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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lost Packages and Backgrounds and Bears, Oh My!

This is kind of a mishmash post! 

First of all, an update on Margaret the Woodlee (which I just typed as Miranda the Woodlee, WHOOPS!  Guess I'm just excited Miranda is back!).  She is still in Anchorage!  Tracking says she passed through a sorting facility there on June 29th, and again yesterday.  I wonder what she thinks is so interesting about Anchorage?!  Let's hope she makes her way back to Colorado soon so we can get this ironed out.  Poor Prue is not handling all these unknowns very well.

Also, here is the promised photo of Patch and Pie, the Pumpkin bear twins!  I wanted to get some green ribbon for Pie's ears before I shared a photo.  Aren't they darling?  I think I've accepted that they will both be staying, and I'm not exactly sad about it, either :oD

 Now I need a bit more advice.  American Girl just came out with some pretty awesome large cardboard backdrops to use with their dolls.  There is a gala scene, classroom scene, park scene, and winter scene.  I am interested in the latter two.  This is the park scene and this is the winter scene (I promise these are links, can't figure out how to get the font a different color since I use a fancy template).  Of course they would mostly be for use with my American Girl dolls, but I'd love to be able to use them with my tiny dolls.  Do you all think they would work for smaller dolls like Pea and Jessi Lynn, or would the scale look really bizarre?  They are tiny dolls living in a big world so I'm inclined to think it could work, but I don't want them to be barely visible in front of the giant scene (if I want to show the entire backdrop) or have the scene be illegible in closer photos.  What do you all think?


  1. I'm so sorry that Margaret is still wandering. I hope she will be home soon!

    About the AG backgrounds, I really don't know. It seems like they would be pretty big, but it really depends on the scenery itself. I'm debating on getting them too and I also like the park/winter scene the best. :o)

  2. Okay, I'm not super fond of Woodlees right at the moment, but I still hate to hear of any doll lost in the mail. I hope things get sorted out with Margaret. Poor thing.

    Your bears are super cute.

    And if you want, we have an American Girl store just up the street. I imagine they'll have your backgrounds there. So we can wander up and see how _I_ look in front of them. If that would be helpful. Just let me know.

    I'm nothing if not helpful.

    1. My own blog ate my comment! Let me try again. Miranda, that's so kind of you to offer to visit the AG store for me. I would love that if you have the time, and maybe you can even make a post about it on your blog!

      And thanks for the compliments on Patch and Pie, I think they are super cute, too.

    2. Hey Doll Guardian! Not a problem. We'll figure out when I can get down there, but it'll be pretty soon.

      Also, in the meantime, you might want to check out this lady. She's BRILLIANT for doll props and things, and with the idea in this video, you might be able to make folding backgrounds that are Pea's size -

    3. Cool, will definitely have to check the video out! Sometime soon (maybe today?) we plan to pick up a couple pieces of plain poster board just to put behind Pea for pictures. Better than random shots with my kitchen (the only place with decent lighting) in the background of every photo.

  3. She might make it to you after all - I had a package get processed through Bell Gardens, CA three times in as many weeks before it finally started on its way to New York. That was - annoying, to say the least, but it finally did make it.

    I'm no good at judging sizes unless I'm actually standing in front of whatever it is in the setting it's going to be used in - which is how Caroline ended up with a chair that's closer to John-John's size... I don't think I'd be a good judge of backgrounds.

    And Patch and Pie are really cute. Perfect twins. :)