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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meandering Margaret

Well, Margaret the Woodlee still is not here!  It sounds like she definitely has an intrepid spirit and REALLY wanted to try out college, because her package ended up being shipped to the university, which turned right around and sent her back to Colorado.  All of this happened on Monday.  Tracking info was not updated until yesterday (almost a week later), and to my surprise, she's only made it as far as Anchorage!  Wonder if she took a riverboat down the old fashioned way or what! 

Prue is pretty worried about Margaret being trapped in that box for who knows how long, but Jessi Lynn reminded her that I ordered some *tasty doll sized goodies* at the same time, so Margaret will have those to eat.  That helped Prue feel a bit better but I think Jessi Lynn is more worried that none of the goodies will make it here!

Let's hope Margaret will meander her way here soon!  And in the mean time, any ideas for how to keep the other dolls' minds off of Margaret's predicament?


  1. Maybe get them planning a welcome party? That might at least refocus all that nervous energy. That's what I got my crew to do when we were waiting on our Woodlee girls.

    It seems like packages are wandering more and more lately.

  2. I love the welcoming party idea! So sorry it is taking so long for Margaret to arrive. Hopefully she will be there soon.

  3. A welcoming party does sound like a good idea! How cute would that be? I'll bet Pea would even love to join in on the action.

  4. Meh, Woodlees are trouble. You dodged a bullet. But I may be a little bit biased, since they seem to have taken over my home while I was gone.