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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Help Me See Reason

This post is about teddy bears, not dolls, but I have a few bears and other stuffed animals I love that will make their appearances on this blog.  As much as I enjoy dolls, I probably love stuffed animals even more.  When it comes to dolls, I'm pretty discerning and only want very specific ones, but with stuffed animals I am much less discriminating!  It is only through sheer force of will that my collection is fairly small, depending on your definition of "small."

I also have a TERRIBLE time parting with stuffed animals.  Dolls I can sell easily if I don't feel connected to them, but not stuffed animals.  I know they aren't real animals, but getting rid of stuffed animals is something I've struggled with since I was a little kid!  We moved a lot so I had to pare down my toys on a regular basis, but my sizable collection of stuffed animals only ever lost some members if my mom sneakily discarded a few.  I still have only a couple of these stuffed animals though, my mom kept her favorites to brighten up her sewing room and ditched the rest.

So, for reasons I won't go into, I inadvertently ended up with two Pumpkin Pal Teddies from Build A Bear.  This is what the bear looks like: click here (sorry, the text on this blog is a pain and does not put links in a different color!)  Super cute, right?  Even cuter in person, too.  The bears are a pretty peach color with adorable pumpkins all over.  I love holidays and bears so this bear really appeals to me.  Anyway, so I ended up with two of these bears.  The plan was to pick the one I liked best and return the other and you can probably see where this is going.

But but but!  I don't want to return either bear!  They're so cute and perfectly pumpkiny, and in spite of being the same type of bear, they have definite differences in their smiles and facial expressions and pumpkin placement.  One looks like a boy and one looks like a girl.  Now I have visions of adorable twin pumpkin bears named Pie (the girl) and Patch (the boy).  I could put green ribbons on Pie's ears to show she's a girl and Patch already has a green bow around his neck.  They could even wear cute little coordinating Halloween costumes when October rolls around.

Rationally I know that keeping both bears is ridiculous, but I really don't know which one I should send back.  I am well aware that this is an extremely silly problem, but I'm stuck on it regardless.  If it helps, I only have 3 Build A Bears (4 of you include both pumpkin bears, which I am not doing yet!) so I don't have a gigantic collection or anything.  Oh and I decided not to include actual photos of the bears in question so people wouldn't be swayed by their cuteness.

What do you all think?


  1. Keep them. :)

    I love Build a Bears and it's taking every ounce of self control I have right now not to drive down to the BaB Workshop up the street and get one. I don't need one, but I'm reading her business book and it makes me want one (good business book if it makes you want to buy her product, huh?) :)

    Keep 'em. They're cute. They don't eat. They won't mess up your house or ever borrow the car (and if they do, what an awesome, awesome problem that would be to have). And the idea of twins is super cute. The names did it. And now I want to see pictures.

    My vote - keep them both. Congratulations on your new twins. :)

    - Wendy

    1. Wendy, do you have any Build A Bears? I remember reading on Miranda's blog a couple years back (or maybe on AGPT when you used to post?) that you had some. At some point over the next week I will introduce my bears! And I will take a picture of Pie and Patch if you would like to see :) Oh no, I shouldn't call them by their names since I'm not supposed to keep them both! Why do they have to be so cute?

      Now I'm imagining them hitting puberty (pubearty?) and taking my car for a joyride around town, hooting and hollering out the windows with beer in hand :D

      Also, I didn't realize the lady who started Build A Bear has a book!

    2. Hi you! I only have one Build a Bear left, but I used to have a million of them. I kept Jasmine, my mouse/rat. She was the first in their Chinese Zodiac critters, and I'm a rat so I had to have her.

      I am looking forward to seeing your bears on your blog! And yes... I would love to see Pie and Patch. You can't just let go of twins like that! Think of all the strings they pulled to get to travel together!

      Oooh, pubearty sounds troublesome. Good luck with that. :)

      She DOES have a book. It's a business advice book, kind of a how to and it's brilliant. She's an amazing lady. :)

  2. Teddy bears were my first love and I had more than 300 at one time. I purged my collection several years ago, but still have around 75. Some are in storage, but the rest are displayed in our family/living room. I love the ones that look antique and are made of mohair.

    I think that you should keep both bears just because you want to! There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep them. I agree that naming them and deciding who is who, is enough "reason" to keep them. Besides, you will probably be the only one in the world to have a set of twins like that. :o)

    1. Bama, I read all about your bear making days! Wonder if I could make nice teddy bears. All of my bears are inexpensive, mass produced bears, but I love them anyway. Would love to have a beautiful hand made bear someday! Are the bears you kept all ones you made yourself?

      Bama, if you're not familiar with them, you should look up pictures and videos of wombats. They are like real life teddy bears! To me wombats look more teddy-like than real bears :) I am a big fan.

  3. I am all for keeping them both! I also have some Build A Bears and love the whole concept. There is a BAB store right next to the AG store at Easton... where we spent most of Saturday! Because of the long wait, many lucky little AG fans also got to make a friend and most of them were carrying My Little Ponies in their BAB boxes!