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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pea's Home Tour

After it became clear that Pea would be living with us long term, I decided she needed a little house to call her own because she's so tiny and everything in our house is so big!  There are lots of cute toy houses available, but I wanted something more special than that.  Sadly, I'm not talented enough to build something like a doll house from a kit, so I decided to just use a hat box since she doesn't need a lot of space.  Found one that is the perfect size and Pea and I have been making her house together.  While it is still a work in progress- the inside needs some art work, Pea needs a blanket for her bed, and her roof top garden needs to be finished, the inside is looking pretty cozy.  She seems to enjoy having her own space, but still spends a lot of time with me, too.

Without further ado, Miss Pea will give you a tour of her home!

The bed is quite comfy.  The heater in our house is on the fritz and it's really warm in here, so she doesn't seem to miss having a blanket so far!

She loves to sit by the fireplace and work on her crocheting, or just look at the fire while she rocks in her rocking chair.  If you haven't figured it out yet, Pea is a very peaceful little fairy.

Time to check on the pot of split pea soup!  Looks like it's coming along nicely.

Pea is very fond of chickadees and likes to watch them out the window.  When she saw this tiny box in my bedroom, she was so thrilled with it that I had to let her keep it in her house.  It is the perfect size for a little fairy chest!

What else to store in a tiny chest but lots of pretty clothes?

And last of all, her toadstool table and stools look like they came right from the outdoors.  There's an extra stool for a friend!   Anyone care to come visit?

Thanks for looking!  I will post more pictures of her house as we complete it.


  1. How darling! Where in the world did you find the toadstool table & chairs? Everything is just so adorable! Using a hatbox is a great idea for a house. Peas is one lucky little pixie!

  2. I love her house, and all of her stuff. Lucky, lucky, Pea.

  3. Adorable and enchanting and would make a lovely childrens' book, xo onetwobead