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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pea the Pumpkin Sorceress

The past couple of nights, Pea has been spending more time than usual in her house.  I could hear her humming happily and whenever I peeked in, she scurried to hide something behind her back.  After the first couple of times, I took the hint and left her alone, wondering what in the world she was up to!

A few minutes ago, she reappeared on the kitchen counter, beaming with joy, while I was making a sandwich.

"Pea, what an outfit!  So you've been sewing a pumpkin sorceress costume.  It's beautiful, I love the beads... wait, what do you have behind your back?"

 "A tiny pumpkin!  Where in the world did you get that?"

 Pea giggled and ran off behind the cookie jar, so of course I followed. 

"Holy moly, that's quite the pumpkin patch!  Where did you get them all?  Did you grow them?"

Pea doubled over with laughter in response and then skipped away.

I still have no idea where the pumpkins came from.  Either she's secretly a master gardener who can grow itty bitty pumpkins in Alaska during the winter, or she really IS a pumpkin sorceress!  Both seem likely to me.


  1. How cute! I wonder is Pea will ever talk? :o)

  2. Aww, that's a fine bunch of pumpkins there, Pea! Nice job on the outfit too!