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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pea's Wardrobe

Sorry about the long break between posts!  As I mentioned earlier, my camera card was on the fritz.  Thankfully after lots of work and time, my husband was able to recover every last photo, including lots of pictures I took of Pea when we went back to the botanical garden where we found her.  It was a very interesting day that I think you all will enjoy hearing about it.  That post will come later though as my husband is still tinkering with the pictures.

After running around stark naked for a couple of weeks, I decided to see if she was willing to wear some clothes and some nice ladies made her a few outfits.  Luckily, it turns out she loves clothes and I occasionally find her looking at and stroking the outfits she isn't wearing.  I suppose wearing clothes is a novel idea for her.  Looks like I've created a teeny tiny clotheshorse :D

I thought you all might like to get a peek at Pea's wardrobe.  When I asked if she'd mind showing you all her new outfits, she was very happy to oblige, as you can see!

Adorable little pea dress made by Ban Sidhe:

Crocheted dress and hat made by the lady from The Bead Loom Gallery on Etsy:


And of course she needed a winter outfit since we live in Alaska.  Beautiful, intricate set from Maram Banu on Etsy:

As much as Pea likes clothes, she isn't a big fan of shoes, so when she's inside she can just take off the boots, hat, and cardigan and have a comfy little outfit:


I was afraid Pea's bald little noggin would get cold, so I bought her a wig from Tabloach.  The color is nice enough, but it's decidedly... fluffy:

Pea was gracious enough to try it on, but it was pretty clear she didn't like it:


Instead, she and Emily the bunny decided it would look handsome on Rodney, the little stuffed elephant:

I agree, he does look dashing:


Sadly, Rodney and Emily are not alive like Pea, but it doesn't stop her from enjoying their company.  Maybe they are alive in her imagination, or maybe she knows something I don't.  From our visit to the botanical garden (the one that hasn't been posted about yet, argh), I gathered that Pea isn't used to being the only fairy around.  While she seems quite happy, maybe she is a little lonesome?  What do you all think?


  1. Adorable! I love Pea's outfits very much! Isn't it funny how cute she is without hair? Her little hats are much more "her" in my opinion.

    Pea would probably love a companion. And I am so very tempted to get one for myself, but will have to wait until after the holidays.

    Your writing is so imaginative and enjoyable to read. I hope you will keep posting when you can. I can't wipe the smile off my face. :o)

    1. Bama, I agree, she makes the cutest little baldy ever and also looks adorable in hats. I specifically picked that thread for her crocheted dress and hat so the hat would go with her pea dress! Her wardrobe is not large, but everything in it is perfect for her. I imagine she will amass some more clothes over time, which she will surely be thrilled about :D

      I think you would really enjoy a little fairy friend! RealPukis are so much fun, I wouldn't have guessed how many smiles she would bring me each day.

      They can be a bit fiddly to pose since they're so light and so itty bitty, but you can eventually get them how you want. Plus if you get a little metal disk for them to stand on, the magnets in their feet will stick to it and they can stand more securely and in different poses. I got Pea's metal disk at the craft store in a pack of magnets! There are a couple other little tricks too that I'll tell ya if you decide to get one :) Pea would love to have an internet buddy!

      Oh and thanks for the compliment on the writing! I am far from a good writer and my photos are pretty much awful, but I have fun anyway.

  2. LOL, there is the fur on the elles head. I thought it had to be a wig. She is adorable in all of her clothing. I have to say I agree with her, she looks like she is meant to be a baldy.

  3. Pea has an awesome wardrobe. Very cutely photographed too.